Title of Show: "Sonics in Duum"

Venue: Gilded Balloon – Debating Hall
Time: 4.30pm

Dates:  2nd – 23rd August (except 31st July & 12th August)

Previews: 30th July & 1st August


Italian physical dance, theatrical acrobatic group Sonics, make their Edinburgh Festival debut this year with their show DUUM, which has successful toured their home country. The show pays homage to Agharta, a legendary underworld that is said to reside at the center of the Earth.

Breath-taking aerial acrobatics and athletic performances, unusual scenic structures, lighting and special effects tell the story of the people of “Agharta” and their continuous attempts to make the “DUUM”, the jump towards the Earth surface. DUUM is actually the sound of a JUMP.

The audience will be catapulted into a dreamy mystical place where SONICS will bring you colours, rules, rhythms and secrets. It’s like watching through a broken mirror that reflects pictures and actions in a distorted way never seen before.

The architect Serafino and six extraordinary aerial acrobats on stage always invent new expedients searching for the right vibration, the “secret” that will make them leave the underworld forever.

The perfect mix of the incredibly visual show and their poetic, breath-taking circus performances brings a message of hope and happiness to everyone and reminds them about the incredible power of the “Making things together”.

Created and directed by Alessandro Pietrolini

Texts by Antonio Villella and Alessandro Pietrolini

Costumes by Ileana Prudente and Irene Chiarle

Music by Sergio Mari and Fanzia Verlicchi

Produced and distributed by Fanzia Verlicchi for Equipe Eventi sas / Sonics srl

created together with Ileana Prudente, Irene Chiarle, Micol Veglia, Lucio Rizzi, Claudio Bertolino, Giorgio Richetta, Viola Cappelli, Federica Vaccaro, Antonio Villella,Edoardo Ramojno


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Acrobatics Aerial performance by SONICS

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